From low voltage industrial automation to hight voltage and lighting applications, PST Group supplies its customers with a comprehensive range of products and services, plus a portfolio of engineering and technical services as a means of ensuring that it is perceived as a high value-added partner.

Each day, the PST Group does everything in its power to satisfy the expectations and demands of its many customers, meeting delivery deadlines through an efficient logistics network, providing technical training for customers and integrating their specific requirements and developing e-business.

PST Group wants to be close to customers from self-employed electricians, installation companies to major international corporations. PST Group promises on-time delivery of products to the right address, in the right quantities.

Satisfying customers requires a clear understanding of their business, which can vary considerably from one market or country to another. That is why PST Group teams first seek to provide each and every customer with suitable products.

Our Team strive to build relationships based on trust, care and responsiveness.

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Lighting solutions:

High voltage and switchgear solutions:

Technical information includes e.g. general installation instructions, user manuals, certificates and warranties:

In case you would like to order them in paper format, please send us feedback: