Mining Solutions

Explosion protection solutions for hazardous areas

We ensure your safe working environment and smooth operations, even in the most demanding conditions. We provide certified explosion protection solutions that are suitable even at the high-risk Ex environments.

Our continuously growing product range now comprises enclosing solutions and related various industrial components, all certified to meet the demanding Ex environment requirements.

Our explosion protection solutions are comprehensive and widely configurable. Reliable in use and convenient to install, their overall quality provides cost-efficiency – and most of all, increased safety every day.

Benefits of our explosion protection solutions

Fast service

Custom size Cubo X solutions are ready to be delivered within three weeks after approved purchase order and technical drawings.

Recent required certificates

Our products hold ATEX, IECEx and GOST-R certifications. You can trust that they fulfil the requirements of the markets globally.

Flexible and easily configurable concept

Our ingenious concept reduces your engineering and approval time giving you savings in human resources needs.

Scalable dimensioning

Our enclosure dimensions can be scaled according to your needs. You are able to get the exact size of an enclosure you truly need. You will also be able to easily and smoothly fit the enclosure to your drawings.

Best materials for the specific environments

We offer our solutions made from three different types of steel: mild steel, AISI 304 and AISI 316L. You have a possibility to choose the best material suiting the installation environment. You only pay for what you really need.

Focus on Ex e, Ex t and Ex n

We are specialists in Ex e, Ex t and Ex n enclosures. You can utilize our competence and professionalism and benefit from our know-how focusing yourself on what you are best at.

Design files

We support your end-solution design process also by offering the different design files related to both our standard and customer-specific solutions.

Widely applicable

Ensto Cubo X is the ideal solution for protecting your operations from accidents that may happen everywhere electrical connections exist. It is able to rise to any challenge, even in the most demanding industries.