Quality policy

PST Group is a private, international, electrical technology company. Our mission is to build a better society by improving energy efficiency and focusing on sustainable development. Our products and services are targeted for a long lifetime and a low lifecycle impact on environment.

We work for customer satisfaction and focus on customer care. Our customers' needs lead us in finding right solutions to build added value to their business. In customer relationships we aim for long term partnerships.

We develop our offering and processes encouraging creativity and in the spirit of continuous improvement, yet economically reasonably. To reach continuous improvement we set targets, measure the progress on regular basis and learn from the feedback.

We continuously develop our competences.

Quality System

Quality is the life of enterprise, PST Group has been treating it as our company philosophy since we were founded, and insists to create high quality product and offer best service for our clients.

PST Group has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system accreditation in 2000 and ISO14001 international environment management system accreditation in 2010.

Tests and Experiments

PST Group has advanced testing laboratory, R&D center and superior testing platform, to ensure all electrical and lighting products in the forefront in safety, electromagnetic compatibility, ingress protection, life span and stability fields.

Guarantee (Warranty)

① We guarantee that our electrical and lighting products, which are used under normal circumstances and according to instructions of use and the applicable legislation, will function properly and are manufactured of defect free materials.

② The guarantee period is from 1 to 5 years unless otherwise limited or agreed upon for a specific product or a product batch. The guarantee period starts from the day the end user received the product.

③ When receiving the delivery those preceding the end user in the supply chain as well as the end user are to carefully inspect that the shipment is according to the packing list and technical documentation and that no visible damages occur. Before the assembly or installation the assembler is to re-inspect the product, technical and other dispatch documentation including numerical information therein according to normal procedures and to ensure that the assembled product functions as intended.

④ The guarantee liability covers the repair or replacement of the defected product, including freights, forwarding and other direct costs linked with delivery of the repaired or replaced product under guarantee.

All questions about warranty you can send by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.