PST Group - an independent family-owned company with global market strategy in B2B distribution of electrical products and related services. Founded in 1998 by Hu Cheng, the PST Group grew rapidly thanks to the ongoing support of its family shareholders.

PST diligently selects electrical equipment and technical solutions best suited to market requirements and delivers them to electrical professionals at the right time and price. Our expertise in logistics ensures efficient, reliable and rapid distribution to clients worldwide.

PST Group employs approximately 1,400 people, maintains relationships with over 140 suppliers, and serves over 3,000 active customers worldwide. Our customers are electrical wholesalers, big electrical contractors, government agencies, institutions, telecommunications providers and utilities.

PST Group has four manufacturing facilities bases in China:

① Low voltage and plastic products

② High voltage electric equipment

③ Electrical power fittings

④ LED and lighting

PST Group in 9 KEY POINTS:

① Core business: electrical manufacturing and wholesaling

② Steady growth

③ International expansion

④ Strong marketing

⑤ Dedicated people

⑥ A professional-to-professional network

⑦ Technical and design expertise

⑧ Logistics expertise

⑨ A culture designed to serve its partners

PST Group in 9 KEY FACTS:

16 years  in electrical business

1,400  skilled workers

50  professional engineers

75,000  square meters of workshop

45,000  square meters of warehouse

280  advanced machines and product lines

650  series and 15000 varieties of electrical products

140 suppliers from 15 countries

750  active customers worldwide from 22 countries